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Status of OpenDragon Software
Current Release: OpenDragon 5.12, May 25, 2012

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Note: you must be registered and have a serial number to download the software.
To register, go here.

Supported Languages: English, Turkish, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (Traditional), Czech, French, Indonesian, Russian, Spanish, Thai

Release History

Release Date Comments
5.12 May 2012 Completed Turkish and Chinese (Traditional) translations. Fixed problems with Windows 7.
5.10.14 April 2012 Added preliminary translation into Turkish. Fixed some problems with 16-bit DEM data.
5.10.12 September 2011 Added preliminary translation into Traditional Chinese language.
5.10.11 May 2011 Updated Russian, Spanish, and Thai language.
5.10.10 March-2011 Support for Spanish language.
5.10.8 October-2010 Support for Windows 7. Please see the news page for details.
5.10.5 July-2007 Support for Windows Vista
5.10.0 27-Feb-2007 New processing operations added, especially in GIS.
Vector data format supports georeferencing.
Image data import built-into OpenDragon.
5.8.0 6-Mar-2006 New image import capabilities; reworked image processing to be platform independent
5.6.4 15-Sep-2005 Fixed minor bugs in classification
5.6.3 29-Aug-2005 Added Thai translation
5.6 July 2005 First OpenDragon release

Roadmap of Future Development

Release Date Comments
Because of the shortage of funding for OpenDragon ( see News), the following schedule has been suspended.
5.12 Unknown More new processing operations to be added, especially in GIS.
Viewport component revised to be platform-independent.
(Since the viewport is the only remaining Microsoft-specific code,
OpenDragon can now be available for Linux, Macintosh, etc.)
6.0 Unknown Release for Windows, Linux, and other *nix platforms.

Next planned release:

Languages under Development

If you are interested in translating OpenDragon into your language, please contact us. We are particularly iterested in translations into Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, and Korean