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OpenDragon Project News

This page will keep you up-to-date on the latest activities, accomplishments, and initiatives of the OpenDragon Project.

For detailed information on the status of OpenDragon software releases, please visit the software status page.

Last updated: 10 June 2016

Problems registering and downloading the software.

There are two kinds of problems that people encounter when getting Open Dragon:

  • They never receive the serial number
  • The downloaded files are incomplete
We have added instructions to thesoftware registration page to help with these problems, and we have updated the server software.

Keep trying! Somehow or other we will get it to you.

OpenDragon release 5.12

This newest release of OpenDragon :

  • Adds improved support for images with 16-bit data.
  • Fixes a long-standing problem with Windows 7. This was actually fixed in Dragon Professional more than a year ago, but we have not had time until now to integrate these changes in OpenDragon.
  • Adds two new languages: Turkish and Chinese (Traditional)
  • Some of the 16-bit sample image data sets have also had some meta-data fixes.

Kindle Version of Textbook

The new textbook Learning Remote Sensing Using Dragon/ips® and OpenDragon is now available as a Kindle eBook. To order either the Kindle version or the print version, click here.

Because the Kindle does not support color displays, we have created a package of the color illustrations from the book. That package can be downloaded from here.

Spanish Language Added

The current download (version 5.10.11) includes Spanish language support for installation and while running OpenDragon. This version includes the complete Spanish translation, and also fixes an error in the character coding of the previous translation. If you downloaded a copy of OpenDragon prior to 24 May 2011, you should download the newer version to get the correct Spanish version.

Updated Translations

In addition to the Spanish version, the current release of OpenDragon contains newly updated Russian and Thai translations. Many thanks to our Russian, Spanish, and Thai translators for their hard work.

New Textbook on Remote Sensing uses OpenDragon

Learning Remote Sensing Using Dragon/ips® and OpenDragon is a new textbook which offers a straightforward, hands-on treatment of the core concepts in remote sensing and raster GIS analysis. The book includes detailed descriptions of how either Dragon or OpenDragon can be used to perform a wide range of image analyses common in the remote sensing profession, and includes exercises on each topic.

You might also want to look at our new page of reference books

Asian Conference on Remote Sensing, Hanoi, 1-5 November 2010

We will be attending in Hanoi, and happy to meet with you. However, we will not have a booth, so please email us to arrange a time and place.

Windows 7 Status

We have been testing OpenDragon with Windows 7. There have been a few problems, most of which are fixed in the version 5.10.8 currently available for download.

One problem which has not yet been fixed seems to appear only in the 64-bit version of Windows 7, when using the "aero" color scheme. In that situation, the drop down menus on the Viewport do not drop down correctly. You can deal with this by changing your default color scheme (right click on the desktop, then select personal settings). This will also speed up your computer. Alternatively, you can just pass your mouse over one of the dropped down menus to see the menu choices.

We expect to have this fixed soon, and will put release 5.10.9 up for downloading.

OpenDragon Available Worldwide

Originally, OpenDragon was provided free only within the countries of SouthEast Asia, and only for educational use. Beginning in July 2010, OpenDragon is free to all users, worldwide. (Please bear with us while we convert the web site to support this change.)

OpenDragon Funding Cuts

   The initial 3-year funding for the OpenDragon Project, generously provided by King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi (Bangkok, Thailand) has come to an end.

Until new sources of funding are found, OpenDragon continues to be available but with much reduced activity. New software development is halted, and the website has been moved to a new host which is much less expensive, but also much less convenient for Asian users.

We are continuing to actively seek new funding. Furthermore, software development of the commercial Dragon/ips is also continuing. (For information, see: Meanwhile, we apologize for any delays in replying to your communications.

OpenDragon 5.10 Released


OpenDragon Release 5.10 was officially released on Feburary 27, 2007. Minor improvements were added up through release 5.10.5 in July 2007. Highlights of this release include automated image import, georeferenced vector support, and range of new raster modelling operations including slope and aspect calculation, buffering, and conditional layer combinations.

OpenDragon Featured at International Conferences

  • OpenDragon will share exhibition space with Dragon/ips (r) at the HealthGIS Conference in Bangkok, Thailand January 14-16, 2008.
  • OpenDragon shared an exhibition booth with Dragon/ips (r) at the 28th Asian Conference on Remote Sensing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in November 2007. Because OpenDragon has no source of funding at that time, the space was donated by Goldin-Rudahl Systems, Inc.
  • The OpenDragon Project had a booth at the exhibition of the American Association of Geographers annual meeting in San Francisco, CA, USA, from April 17-20, 2007. For more information, visit
  • Dr. Sally Goldin presented a paper entitled "OpenDragon: A Platform for Teaching Geoinformatics Software Development" at the 27th Asian Conference on Remote Sensing in Ulaan Bataar, Mongolia, October 9-13, 2006. The paper focused on how OpenDragon and the Programmer's Toolkit can be used by students learning doing thesis or project research, or working in courses on geoinformatics programming.
  • The ISPRS Commission VII Mid-Term Symposium held in Enschede, The Netherlands, from 8-11 May, 2006, included a special session entitled "OpenDragon: Free Geoinformatics Software for Education in Developing Countries". This session included demonstrations of the software and discussions of how to expand its distribution to other regions. Dr. Sally Goldin, assistant director of the OpenDragon project, also spoke speak in one of the symposium's plenary sessions.

Towson University GIS Conference

Towson University GIS Conference

Kurt Rudahl, director of the OpenDragon Project, presented a paper on the project and its goals during the 20th Towson University GIS Conference, which took place March 20-21, 2006 in Towson, Maryland, USA. This conference has a major focus on geoinformatics education and is one of the longest running and best attended regional GIS conferences in America.

OpenDragon 5.8 Released


OpenDragon Version 5.8 was released on March 6, 2006. This version provides more automatic image conversion, enhanced image metadata, and a variety of functional improvements.

University Geoinformatics Center Discussed


On March 6, 2006, members of the OpenDragon Project participated in a meeting with other members of the KMUTT community to discuss whether there was a need for and interest in some kind of cross-departmental center to house geoinformatics engineering research and projects. You can find the slides from Kurt Rudahl's presentation about the OpenDragon Project here.

National Conference on Mapping and Geoinformatics 2005

National Conference on Mapping and Geoinformatics

The OpenDragon Project was invited to participate in the exhibition associated with the Thailand National Conference on Mapping and Geoinformatics, December 14-16, 2005. More than 500 attendees had the opportunity to learn about the project.

OpenDragon in Vietnam

Temple of Literature, Hanoi

From November 7-11, 2005, the OpenDragon team attended the 26th Asian Conference on Remote Sensing, in Hanoi, Vietnam. We met many members of the Vietnam geoinformatics community, including the Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, Prof. DrSc. Dang Hung Vo, who was a keynote speaker at the conference. We were particularly interested in informing people about the Vietnamese translation of Dragon, which will be included in Dragon 5.8.

For more information about the Asian Conference on Remote Sensing, visit The complete proceedings from ACRS 2005 as well as the 2004 conference, which was held in Chiang Mai, Thailand, are available here

Pilot High School Program

High school students learning about OpenDragon Landsat TM image of Kaengkrajan reservoir in drought season

On September 1-2, 2005, twenty first year students from Mahidol Wittayanusorn School outside Bangkok came to KMUTT in a pilot program on remote sensing for drought assessment, using OpenDragon. Project personnel led laboratory sessions to familiarize the students with OpenDragon use and capabilities. Experts in remote sensing technology, water resources, and meteorology joined to provide students with the necessary background for them to undertake independent study projects. The students returned to KMUTT three weeks later to present their results. In general, students were enthusiastic about the activity, and had no serious difficulties applying OpenDragon in their work.

MapAsia 2005

OpenDragon project personnel presented two papers in the session on Geoinformatics Education at the MapAsia 2005 conference, which was held in Jakarta from August 22-25, 2005. Kurt Rudahl discussed the OpenDragon Project goals and why OpenDragon is appropriate for education. Sally Goldin described our innovative course on computer programming for geographers that was developed for Chiang Mai University in mid-2005.

For more information about the MapAsia conferences, visit