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How to Get OpenDragon

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Serial Number:

OpenDragon software is free to all users, worldwide. However, you need a serial number in order to download and install the package.

We need your email address or fax number because do need to tell you about new releases of the software, new utilities and other resources and even, from time to time, tell you about bugs. However we do not divulge this information to anyone.

The process is simple:

  1. Register.

    Please register for a serial number by sending a request via our contact form. If you have difficulty reaching us via the contact form, please send us a fax at +1-815-642-9036.

  2. We will email a serial number to the contact person. Normally this should happen within a few minutes. Note that if you have an email filter program, you must disable it temporarily. Otherwise you will not receive the serial number.

  3. You can use the serial number to download the OpenDragon software.
    Enter the serial number at the top of this form

In case of problems

  • If you do not receive a serial number within one day, it may be because our email to you was blocked. You should contact us again using the contact form, and supply either an alternate email, or a fax number where we can send the serial number. This may take several days (we apologize).
  • If your download fails: the downloads are large files, and can take a long time (depending on your internet connection) to download. Sometimes the download does not succeed, for reasons beyond our control. If it is successful, you will be able to unzip the resulting file. If you make several tries and always get a bad .zip file, contact us again using the contact form and we will find some other way to get the files to you.
Land Analysis System. According to our information LAS is public source software and can be freely used. If anyone believes differently, he/she should contact us so that we can correct our information and possibly remove it from this web site. The download location is here. We do not support LAS and accept no responsibility for anything related to LAS.